Why InstaHypr?

InstaHypr will help you or your company by growing your Instagram profile. If your goal is to increase your social media growth, increase your followers engagement, get recognized or get better sponsorship deals you have found the right website.


We expertise in how to grow Instagram profiles, that’s what we do. Years of studies and analyzing how Instagram algorithm works we’ve figured out how to grow any profile to it’s optimized state. Our case study show that using our services will increase your Instagram presence and have a bigger chance of getting sponsorship with less work and effort than any other method.


There are a few common myths around buying Instagram services that are not true. Common myths are that buying any type of Instagram service might get you banned, or even might be harmful for your brand. However, it’s the exact opposite, we’ve found out that our customers get an increased engagement, higher social media and more traffic to their sponsors by using InstaHypr. 

InstaHypr network

Our network is built by real humans and all the users of the network are real people. We have a unique network of followers that will make sure that you get the exposure you need. You can expect active followers and comments from real people and get the authenticity you can expect from building an organic audience.

Case study

We have made a easy to read case study for you to read if you are interested on how InstaHypr can be so successful for Instagram profiles. Usually growing a Instagram profile is hard and time consuming. Our services are all provided instant and you will see growth immediately after we have processed your order. If you want to read more about our case study you can press the button below


Usual way

The usual way of building an audience is a really long process and can take years to even get started. This process can be very time consuming and most people give up after a few tries of not succeeding.

Our way

There are shortcuts that you can use. Our way will provide instant results without harming your brand in any way. Since we use real people that will engage with your Instagram profile there’s no difference except you can save time a

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